Sunday, February 22, 2015

NASA to upgrade airfield at Wallops Flight Facility

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is soliciting information about potential sources for airfield upgrades located at Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Va., according to a Sources Sought contract document released Friday.

The two phase project will require: 
  1. Full depth replacement of up to 13,000 square yards (SY) of 13 Portland Cement Concrete (PCC). 
  2. Milling of up to 72,000 SY of variable thickness asphalt taxiway and runway, then placing up to a three inch asphalt overlay to match grade. 
  3. Providing up to 107,000 SY of isolated PCC concrete pavement repairs including joint replacement on the apron, runway and taxiways. 
  4. Providing 14,000 SY isolated crack repair to the asphalt pavement and applying a seal coat. 
  5. Providing 10,000 linear feet of joint sealant replacement. 
  6. Providing 61,000 SY of new asphalt paved shoulders including subgrade and re-grading infield to match grades. 
  7. Demolition of up to 23,000 SY of aircraft apron comprised of asphalt over concrete. 
  8. Rebuilding of entire apron with a concrete section of 13 inches in depth. 
  9. Demolition of existing storm drainage structures located in the apron and replacement with new storm drainage structures. 
  10. Waterblasting of existing pavement markings and reestablishment of all airfield markings.
The order of magintude of this requirement is more than $10 million.

Companies interested in supporting the project should contact NASA no later than March 6.

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Unknown said...

Based on the numbers you give, this is going to be a very big project. I can't imagine seeing that much asphalt being mixed in one place. How long is it going to take to lay all of that asphalt? Hopefully it is not one guy that has to do all of that himself.