Monday, March 14, 2016

Video: Student scientists help NASA build spacecraft to explore asteroid

College students in Boston are getting the chance to help NASA explore an asteroid. These student scientists have built an instrument called REXIS, which will fly on the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft that is scheduled to launch later this year. This video puts a spotlight on a group of these students and their experience on the REXIS project.

California space factory to step up production to hundreds of satellites each year

Millennium Space Systems has officially broken ground on Phase-3 of its manufacturing & production plan, building out an additional 35,000 square feet at its existing spacecraft factory in El Segundo, Calif., located two miles south of LAX and adjacent to the Los Angeles Air Force Base and the Aerospace Corporation. The expansion, anticipated to be completed by mid-summer of this year, also encompasses additional space to broaden the company's existing onsite mission operations, rapid prototyping, internal research and development laboratories and high-tech workspace.

Stan Dubyn, Millennium's Chairman & CEO, commented, "with this Phase-3 facility expansion, we're putting into place the additional manufacturing & production processes and infrastructure to build hundreds of satellites each year, sparked by the work started with us by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, on the SeeMe Program, where the demand was to provide a sustaining capability to build 24 satellites on 90-day call-ups. We just hit our second year at the new spacecraft factory - this next big step adds to our capacity to continue designing, manufacturing, testing, delivering, and operating a wide range of satellites and components from our ALTAIR and AQUILA platform lines."