Sunday, July 12, 2015

Climax Utilities second-quarter sales jump 314 percent

Driven by an increase in players on the game ProEconomica, Climax Utilities sales shot up 314 percent to $8,700 virtual dollars in the second quarter ended June 30.

The top line included sales from April which reached $5,000, the company's highest sales month since opening in November 2014.

“Across the board, our products grew in sales and increased profits,” said Brothel, president and CEO of Climax Utilities. “At this rate we see sales reaching over $22,000 virtual dollars at the end of the year.”

2015 first quarter sales: $2100.22 virtual dollars
2015 second quarters sales: $8704.78 virtual dollars

Climax Utilities is a virtual electricity and water company created on ProEconomia, a strategy game in which players have the possibility to convert virtual currency into real money. It is one of the few business games where you are rewarded for your daily activity.

Other developments;

-Out of 2,588 U.S. players on ProEconomia, Climax Utilities' CEO Brothel is ranked 73.

-Out of 353 virtual Shop companies on ProEconomia, Climax Utilities is ranked 41.