Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New all-time high for DCNewsroom blog

The DCNewsroom blog hit a new all-time high for pageviews in January covering the ditching of a Cirrus SR-22 aircraft in the Pacific Ocean, 253 miles northeast of Maui, Hawaii.

January 2015 data provided by Blogger.com shows a 16 percent increase in pageviews from the blog's previous all-time high in July 2013 when the DCNewsroom covered the delivery of the first production Cessna TTx aircraft units. Visitors posted over 30 comments in reaction to the Cirrus story in January.

The six-year-old DCNewsroom blog has published over 400 stories covering aviation, government, industry, space and stock market news. In addition to current news, the DCNewsroom has its own Zazzle store and YouTube channel.

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