Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nolinor Aviation adds Boeing 737-300 aircraft to fleet

Nolinor Aviation announced Tuesday that the company is adding a Boeing 737-300 aircraft to its current fleet of 737-200s beginning this spring. Based at Mirabel in Qu├ębec since 2005, Nolinor thus becomes one of the few carriers in the East to own an aircraft of this type.

With the 737-300, Nolinor can fly bigger payloads non-stop to more distant destinations. Mexico City, for example, could be reached from Montreal in just 5½ hours.

Operating with the registration C-GNLQ, Nolinor's 737-300 is powered by CFM International's CFM56 high-bypass turbofan engines, which consume less fuel and comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization's stricter Chapter 3 noise limits. Its maximum cruising speed is 491 knots, with a long-range cruising speed of 429 knots. Range with a normal payload and full tanks is 4,973 kilometers (2,685 nautical miles).

Founded in 1992, Nolinor Aviation is an air transportation company specializing in commercial charter flights. Nolinor offers air services across Canada and the United States. The company employs a workforce of 185.

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