Saturday, August 22, 2015

UH-1N Replacement Program meeting this month

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, is hosting an Industry Day meeting this month to provide details on the planned replacement of the Air Force's fleet of UH-1N aircraft. The Air Force is planning to acquire a common platform up to 72 vertical lift aircraft to replace the current UH-1N fleet. “The UH-1N replacement will be an in-production, non-developmental, Government Off-The-Shelf or Commercial Off-The-Shelf solution,” official said in contract documents released Friday.

The “UH-1N Replacement Program Industry Day” is a two-day event Aug.26-27 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The meeting is being organized by the Air Force ISR & SOF Directorate, Combat Rescue Helicopter Division.

This is to be considered an initial step in establishing industry understanding of the UH-1N Replacement Program and to allow the government team to determine market understanding and capability to integrate and complete the program,” official said in contract documents. “The dialogue will serve to educate vendors on the content of the upcoming Capabilities Request for Information (CRFI), anticipated to be released following the Industry Day. The CRFI will request information on potential solutions and sources capable of providing aircraft that meet program requirements.”

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