Thursday, January 1, 2015

Difficult year for virtual business world ProEconomica

Officials with ProEconomia say 2014 was a difficult year for their virtual business world website. ProEconomica is a website where users compete with other players in a virtual business world using concepts found in reality.

"It was a difficult year with fewer visible achievements, but to be sure, ProEconomica is a long-term project in which we work, and we will continue working to achieve the objectives set first," ProEconomica officials said in a message to players. "We wish you good health, success, best new year with many achievements, prosperity and welfare."

In the browser-based world ProEconomia the mission is not limited to developing your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge in the economical field, the most important is that players can contribute to their virtual city's development, and earn some "real money" from the game if successful.

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