Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Climax Utilities CEO buys share of ProEconomica game

The CEO of Climax Utilities purchased his first “real share” of the online game ProEconomica on Monday.

"My first real share purchase is a historic milestone for Climax,” commented Brothel, CEO of Climax Utilities. He continued, "Our successful launch in 2014 and first real share purchase has established an important cornerstone for the company. I am excited to see our continued growth."

Climax Utilities is a virtual company created online in the game Proeconomica. The interactive nature of ProEconomica's virtual world combined with players worldwide allows for users to interact directly with each other and develop entrepreneurial skills.

About ProEconomica 

Are you ready to develop your entrepreneurial skills in order to become a really successful businessman? Do you want to manage your own company or compete with other players in a virtual world based on the concepts found in reality? Then go to ProEconomica and get into an unique economic adventure. Join a virtual world that brings you real experience.

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