Sunday, May 5, 2024

US Army requests production of new helicopters

The Army Contracting Command - Redstone is seeking the complete production of the EC-145/BK117 D3 aircraft for the U.S. Army. The Army announced the request in a Sources Sought Synopsis document released Friday.

“This sources sought synopsis is being used to conduct market research and identify parties with the necessary industry technologies and resources,” the Army said.

The Light Helicopter Product Office (LHPdO) is designated as the product manager for the U.S. Army’s EC-145/BK117 D3 aircraft and would be the recipient/customer of the products sought in addition to possible procurements from other government agencies.

The H145 (formerly Eurocopter EC145) is a twin-engine light utility helicopter developed and manufactured by Airbus Helicopters. Originally designated as the BK 117, the H145 is based upon the MBB/Kawasaki BK 117 C1.

The U.S. Army selected the helicopter for its light utility helicopter program in 2006. It is also in Army service under the name UH-72A Lakota.

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