Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Boeing appoints special advisor for comprehensive quality review

The Boeing Company announced Tuesday they have named Admiral Kirkland H. Donald, U.S. Navy (Ret.) as special advisor to Boeing President and CEO Dave Calhoun.

The immediate appointment of Donald comes after a door plug on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9 MAX separated from the plane during flight causing severe depressurization aboard the aircraft.

Admiral Donald and a team of outside experts will conduct a thorough assessment of Boeing's quality management system for commercial airplanes, including quality programs and practices in Boeing manufacturing facilities and its oversight of commercial supplier quality. His recommendations will be provided to Calhoun and to the Aerospace Safety Committee of Boeing's Board of Directors.

"I've asked him to provide an independent and comprehensive assessment with actionable recommendations for strengthening our oversight of quality in our own factories and throughout our extended commercial airplane production system,” Calhoun said.

Donald currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the largest military shipbuilding company in the United States, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. He also chairs the board of the nonprofit Battelle. His public board service also includes Entergy Corp., where he is Chairman of the Nuclear Committee.




Anonymous said...

Day late and a dollar short.

Anonymous said...

“Special advisor”, look out. ……not bad enough to be a task force, however.

Anonymous said...

The FAA should appoint a Special Advisor for ongoing comprehensive quality reviews of Boeing and its suppliers and manufacturing partners. The Special Advisor and staff should be paid for by Boeing. Furthermore, criminal charges against the Boards of Directors and Senior Management Executives should be part of the judicial process for these greedy company officials that put profits above all else.

James W. said...

Kick the bean counters to the curb and put the engineers back in charge. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Before y’all start sending hate mail, y his is kind of a satirical look at the whole thing.
Between the discussions regarding this company’s issues and the new amenities provided by the FAA, I’m going to start driving cross-country. It’s a beautiful country with so much goodness to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Admiral qualified to assume this position? Just because he was an Admiral says nothing about his qualifications as a airplane TQC expert. Just saying.

We taught the Japanese all about TQC, and then promptly left it in the trash bin to build cheaper, faster, and lousy!