Friday, April 3, 2020

Coulson's Boeing 737 goes into firefighting service this year

Coulson Aviation USA has been awarded a multi-year contract with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service for Next Generation Large Air Tanker Services throughout the United States. The contract beginning in 2020 will see the first Boeing 737, Tanker 137 in operation.

Coulson Aviation is the first in the world to modify Boeing 737's into FIRELINER's which utilize a new advanced delivery system specifically designed for this application, the RADS-XXL/2. To convert a 737 into a FIRELINER takes over 43,000-man hours and includes the RADS-XXL/2 installation, avionics upgrades, full strip and re-paint, new interior, and 72 refurbished passenger seats. Once complete, the FIRELINER is differentiated from all other Next Generation Large Airtankers by its ability to transport firefighters without re-configuration and to fly at maximum speeds and altitudes with a load of retardant and no restrictions.

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