Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DCNewsroom launches new virtual startup company through online game

Last month the DCNewsroom held the first ever board meeting for its new company that’s been launched to develop virtual utility water for players on the popular online game My Profit Land.

It’s a company that has no staff, no fixed premises and no expensive laboratory equipment, but this company marks the exciting start of a new way to make real money from selling virtual products to virtual companies on My Profit Land.

The new company, DCNewsroom Water, produces virtual water for players to buy in the game. It requires no raw materials and the production is automated. Water is needed by companies in order to work in the game.

“It doesn't require workers, it operates by itself and it starts producing as soon as you open it,” said jasmir7, a player on My Profit Land based in Portugal. “All companies require electricity and water, so it is really easy to sell both ,electricity and water, whichever one you choose.”

My Profit Land is a strategy game in which you have a chance to convert your virtual currency into real money. It is an online browser game, therefore you do not need any other programs installed in order to play. It is one of the few business games where you are rewarded for your daily activity. As a simulation game, it offers you the possibility to fight, work, open companies or start wars to earn cash. It is a very complex game, and the more you play it, the more options you will find for your own development.

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