Monday, August 4, 2014

FAA approves application for civilian operated Chinook CH-47D helicopter

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the Billings Flying Service application for a restricted type certificate on the Chinook CH-47D helicopter. According to Al Blain, co-owner of Billings Flying Service, this is the first and only type certificate for the CH-47D helicopter.

Billings Flying Service bought the first two CH-47Ds that were sold through military auctions earlier this year. They are one of three civilian operators to purchase the model, but the first to obtain the restricted category type certificate so quickly.

Billings Flying Service has uncommon experience operating heavy-lift helicopters such as Sikorsky S61, Eurocopter 330J, and various Bell mediums. Billings is already completing modifications so the Chinooks can be fully optimized for the vehicle reference operations their clients require.

"Billings Flying Service has a backlog of customers who are excited to begin utilizing all of the extraordinary capabilities of this aircraft," Blain said.

Gary Blain, co-owner of Billings Flying Service said, "The CH-47Ds will be incorporated into our fleet for our customers for every mission segment it currently performs including construction and firefighting. The Chinook offers the heaviest lift capacity available and will outperform the Sky Crane considerably on a hot, high day."

Billings Flying Service is based in Billings, Mont.

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