Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ClixSense relocating to North Carolina

The online advertising website ClixSense will shut it's doors for good in Rome, N.Y., this week. “We are relocating the business to Hampstead, N.C.,” company officials said in an announcement posted on the ClixSense website Tuesday.

“On Thursday, Aug. 7, ClixSense will shut it's doors for good in Rome,” company officials said. “The ClixSense ownership will remain the same, as will the ClixSense staff. Two of our staff (Becki and Aaron) will remain in and work from New York while myself and Joe will continue to run the business from Hampstead.

This move was more of a personal decision rather than a business one. But because North Carolina is one of the top states in the U.S. to conduct business (according to Forbes.com), we feel this will be a fantastic move for ClixSense. We look forward to continued success from North Carolina.”

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Russ Benk said...

ClixSense is a great paid to click service. I wish them all the best for their wove and I know that I will continue to see great earnings from them wherever they are based.

Keith Stein said...

Well said Russ, I agree.