Friday, February 2, 2024

Georgia Senate passes sports betting bill, House vote next

The Georgia Senate passed Senate Bill 386 (SB 386) on Thursday, a measure designed to regulate and tax sports betting under the oversight of the Georgia Lottery Commission. Lawmakers say Georgia currently “illegally” bets nearly $5 billion a year on sports.

The new measure, SB 386, sponsored by Sen. Clint Dixon (R – Gwinnett), will allocate taxes collected from sports betting to student financial aid programs, including the HOPE college scholarship and Georgia Pre-K programs.

Dixon applauded the passage of the measure, stating, “In passing SB 386, we’ve paved the way for responsible and regulated sports betting in Georgia. As our state evolves, it’s crucial to acknowledge the existing landscape with neighboring states already engaging in this activity. With millions in potential revenue, SB 386 ensures that these funds contribute to the growth of Georgia, supporting essential programs such as the HOPE scholarship and pre-kindergarten initiatives. By implementing safeguards, like prohibiting credit card use for betting and providing tools for self-limitation, we prioritize responsible gambling. The bill’s bipartisan support exemplifies a united commitment to the well-being of our citizens and the prosperity of Georgia’s future. SB 386 is more than a legislative milestone; it’s an investment in education and our economy.”

Dixon serves as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education and Youth. He represents the 45th Senate District which includes portions of Gwinnett and Barrow Counties.

The bill will now be considered by the Georgia House of Representatives.

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