Saturday, August 19, 2023

First-ever electronic table games based on HHR betting

Florida-based Exacta Systems has partnered with casino game developer Interblock to create the first-ever electronic table games based on Historical Horse Racing (HHR) odds.

HHR betting is an electronic gambling system that allows players to bet on random replays of horse races or dog races that have already occurred in past years. When a player pushes the button on an HHR machine, similar to a casino slot machine, it randomly selects a previously run horse race from a video library of over 60,000 to determine a win or loss after each spin.

This HHR betting system will now be applied to Interblock’s roulette electronic table games (ETG). The revolutionary move makes Interblock's acclaimed roulette ETG products the first to incorporate Exacta's open-source HHR system.

“This transformation will maintain the award-winning gameplay that has made Interblock's game library the top choice among casino operators and roulette enthusiasts worldwide," said Jeremy Stein, chief executive officer and president of Exacta Systems.

“Our partnership with Exacta creates a unique offering within the HHR sector, taking two innovative companies and combining our best practices to further expand the HHR sector by the end of this year," said John Connelly, Global CEO of Interblock.

HHR machines are currently operating in a handful of U.S. states, like Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Wyoming.

In Virginia, HHR machines can be found at Rosie's Gaming Emporium locations. Rosie's currently has six locations in the Commonwealth: New Kent, Vinton, Richmond, Hampton, Dumfries, and Collinsville. A total of 2,634 HHR machines are in the state with over 1,500 more planned at new locations.

Exacta did not mention where the first Interblock roulette ETG HHR games will appear.

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This blog introduces the first-ever electronic table games based on Historical Horse Racing (HHR) odds, developed by Exacta Systems in partnership with Interblock. This innovation applies the HHR betting system to Interblock's roulette electronic table games, offering players a unique and exciting experience. This collaboration is sure to bring new opportunities for the HHR industry.