Friday, May 8, 2020

FBI plans to lease 'ultra-long-range aircraft' to support counterterrorism operations

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) requires an ultra-long-range aircraft to provide a rapid response to transport Department of Justice (DOJ) personnel world-wide in support of counterterrorism and other sensitive investigations. The FBI announced the requirement in contract documents released last month. In addition, the aircraft will provide transportation support for the FBI’s Director and Department of Justice’s Attorney General.

“The proposed aircraft shall be delivered with all required modifications to assume the FBI mission by Aug. 20,” the agency said in contract documents. Currently, all FBI aircrew maintain a Gulfstream 5 type rating and flight training currency through Flight Safety International. The aircraft shall have the standard package as equipped by the manufacturer for a Gulfstream G-550 or Gulfstream G-650. The FBI anticipate flying 500 hours per year.

The aircraft can be either new or pre-owned (manufactured no earlier than 2012), and equipped with new or pre-owned engines manufactured no earlier than 2012. The aircraft must be able to transport no less than 14, and up to 19, passengers with a range of 6,750 nautical miles at Mach 0.80 or greater.

“It is preferred, but not required, that the G-550 or G650 have the military’s C-37B communications system installed at the time the aircraft is delivered to the FBI to begin the lease term,” the FBI said. In addition, the FBI will provide an Iridium antenna compatible with an Iridium Portable Telephone if such antenna is not already installed.

Companies that can meet the aircraft requirement must submit a proposal to the FBI no later than May 29.

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Anonymous said...

FBI having a hard time keeping up with Trump ... another waste of money. These folks remind me of the Capone days...Always respected them greatly until last few years...Politics not supposed to be part of their thing but now they are heavy entrenched in the liberal political scene...