Sunday, May 13, 2018

CPS Energy using drones to inspect power lines and poles

CPS Energy of San Antonio, Texas, is now using drone technology to perform routine inspections of overhead infrastructure in a safer and more efficient way.

CPS Energy piloted the use of drones to inspect transmission towers and associated high voltage lines in May 2017. Through the pilot, they learned that drone inspections of 50 transmission line towers were completed in 2 ½ days. Normally, this work would have taken nearly two weeks to complete using conventional methods. The utility anticipates drones will be used to inspect equipment approaching its end of life as well as equipment damaged during severe weather.

Currently, CPS Energy has two drones in its inventory. The drone pilots must follow Federal Aviation Administration guidelines and ensure they are being mindful of customer privacy when conducting drone operations. CPS Energy is committed to providing advance notice to the community whenever planned drone flight inspections occur near their home or business.

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