Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Hampshire-based aviation firm offers final resting place for cremated remains

Are a loved one's cremated remains sitting in a closet or collecting dust on a shelf? Take Wing Air, a New Hampshire-based aviation firm, now offers an affordable solution to finding a final resting place for cremated earthly remains in a more heavenly fashion. From its home airport in Nashua, Take Wing Air will scatter the ashes of a departed family member, loved one, or pet by air at the family's predetermined location while soaring the skies above the mountains, lakes, and seacoasts of New England and New York.

Bill Dino, owner and operator of Take Wing Air, says, "I first got the idea of doing aerial ash scattering commercially after I performed this service for my own parents." After doing a little research, Dino found there was a need for such a service in the area.

As part of their service, Take Wing Air provides a witnessed certificate documenting the time and location of the release of the cremains and a Google map overlay of the flight. They are also able to honor special requests such as music, flyovers or readings.

Take Wing Air uses a specially modified twin engine plane that allows a loved one's ashes to be released through the bottom of the aircraft in a safe and dignified manner; the cremains will always drift down and away from the plane. There is never an issue of cremated ash coming back into the cockpit or impacting the side of the plane. Dino reports this is a common problem with many competing services.

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