Saturday, February 28, 2015

Iraq Rotary Wing Transportation Services

The U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), Specialized Transportation Branch, is seeking sources that may be able to provide four heavy rotary wing aircraft capable of flying 150 hours per aircraft per month. The government anticipates the size of aircraft needed to support movement to be a minimum of 12 passengers and cargo for a minimum internal load of 5,000 pounds. The government anticipates the contractor positioning the aircraft at the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center in Iraq to transport passengers and cargo. “Missions may involve destinations throughout Iraq. Other destinations may be added on a mission-by-mission basis,” USTRANSCOM said in contract documents released Friday.

Cargo will primarily consist of food and water, general supplies, fuel, construction materials, ammunition-all caliber, medical supplies, repair parts and non-military goods such as humanitarian assistance items. “Other cargo may be loaded if there is space available,” USTRANSCOM said. All aircraft shall be equipped with an operational cargo hook. The cargo will be configured by the government for loading inside the cabin of the aircraft or prepared for slingload delivery. All rotary-wing aircraft shall be equipped with a Ballistic Protection System.

At this time, USTRANSCOM is not looking for proposals. Contractors interested in supporting the transportation service are invited to contact USTRANSCOM by March10.


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