Monday, December 30, 2013

Survey: Being 'naughty' on New Year's Eve

Don't be shy on Dec. 31.
  • Nearly 50 percent of men and women have had a one night stand on New Year's Eve.
  • It's women who are most likely to shed their inhibitions on New Year's Eve; 62 percent of them believe it's the best night to experiment.
  • 70 percent of men would be up for having group sex on what they believe to be the wildest night of the year. Only 38 percent women would be up for making several new friends at once.
  • 83 percent of us would use the countdown as an excuse to finally lock lips with someone we've wanted all year.
  • 63 percent of us would most like to be in bed with someone when the clock strikes midnight.
  • 85 percent of us would welcome waking up to a new year with a stranger.

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