Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bombardier adds office in Brazil, Learjets 60s in Mexico

Bombardier Aerospace announced Wednesday that it will be opening its first Regional Support Office (RSO) in Latin America for its business aircraft customers by year’s end.

This full-scale RSO will be located in São Paulo, Brazil, alongside Bombardier’s already-established parts depot and Authorized Service Facility (ASF), OceanAir Táxi Aéreo.

The new facility is part of Bombardier’s global plan to provide international customers with access to regional support services in their own time zones and languages.

“In order to compete globally, you must be prepared to commit and deliver locally,” said Andy Nureddin, vice president, Customer Services and Support, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “With this new RSO, we will be able to resolve customer issues more quickly, mitigate risks before they become issues and further improve support to our growing customer base in the region.”

The new RSO will bolster Bombardier's support in Latin America in light of existing and anticipated regional growth.

Bombardier’s business aircraft fleet in Latin America consists of more than 475 Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft, 180 of which are in South America, with a significant proportion based in Brazil.

Bombardier's RSO network for business and commercial aircraft includes locations in Mumbai, India; Tokyo, Japan; Sydney, Australia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Shanghai, China; and Munich, Germany.

Boosting maintenance support for Learjets in Mexico

Aerovitro, one of Bombardier’s two ASFs based in Mexico, is expanding its Aircraft-On-Ground line maintenance capabilities to include Learjet 60 aircraft.

This new capability augments Aerovitro’s current certification as a full ASF for Challenger 300, Challenger 604/605 and Global Express aircraft.

Aerovitro has been a part of Bombardier’s Authorized Service Facility network since August 2010 and employs a staff of 16 technicians.

Bombardier’s second ASF in Mexico is Servicios Aereos Estrella based in Toluca.

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