Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Surf Air Mobility Inc. confirms order for up to 150 Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft

Textron Aviation announced Tuesday that Surf Air Mobility Inc. has confirmed its order and paid the deposit for the first 20 Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft to be purchased under its previously announced order of up to 100 aircraft.  In addition, the order has an option for 50 more aircraft.

Deliveries of the aircraft are expected to begin in the first half of 2024. The initial fleet delivery demonstrates progress in the exclusive relationship between the two companies supporting Surf Air Mobility’s development of an electrified Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft.

The Cessna Grand Caravan EX is designed and manufactured by Textron Aviation.

Surf Air Mobility is a Los Angeles-based regional air mobility platform expanding the category of regional air travel to reinvent flying through the power of electrification. The company intends to upgrade the single-engine turboprop Caravans to their proprietary electric or hybrid-electric powertrain technology. Surf Air Mobility is targeting the Federal Aviation Administration supplemental-type certification in 2026.

Surf Air Mobility will use the hybrid electric aircraft across its own network, connecting more airports with short-haul direct service across the U.S. on a path to creating a regional mass transport platform. The company will also be the exclusive provider to Textron Aviation of certain battery electric and hybrid electric powertrain technology for the Cessna Grand Caravan.

Sudhin Shahani, co-founder and chief executive officer of Surf Air Mobility, said the company’s relationship with Textron is paramount in its mission to help “revolutionize air travel.”

“This initial fleet delivery solidifies our commitment to bringing advanced electric aircraft to market to reduce fuel emissions and the cost of air travel,” Shahani said in a Textron press release.

The Cessna Caravan fleet of more than 3,000 aircraft is certified in 100 countries.

Caravan aircraft fulfill roles for multiple missions, ranging from flight training to recreation, commuter airlines to VIP transport, cargo carriers and humanitarian missions:

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