Thursday, April 23, 2020

Maintenance contract for NOAA WP-3D aircraft

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Aircraft Operations Center operates and maintains two WP-3D (variant of the P-3 exclusive to NOAA) Lockheed Orion aircraft, N42RF and N43RF. These aircraft are flown in support of NOAA scientists primarily for the purpose of severe weather research in environments such as hurricanes and mesoscale thunderstorms. Both WP-3D aircraft were acquired from Lockheed Burbank in 1975 (N42RF) and 1976 (N43RF).

NOAA is looking for a contractor to continue inspections, repairs, servicing, and supply replacement items for the WP-3D aircraft to include: labor, materials and supplies, consumables and equipment, according to contract documents released Thursday by NOAA. The contract will run for 10 years. NOAA's Eastern Acquisition Division will be releasing a Request For Proposal on/or about May 7.

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