Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Overview: Army Short Range Reconnaissance platform

The Department of Defense seeks commercial solutions for fielding of the U.S. Army's Short Range Reconnaissance (SRR) platform. The SRR is intended to be an inexpensive, rucksack portable, vertical take-off and landing small unmanned aircraft that provides a platoon with a rapidly deployed intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capability to provide situational awareness beyond the next terrain feature. The Army announced the request in a Special Notice document released Monday.

Companies supporting SRR will participate in a “Pitch Phase” which will consist of an in-person pitch as well as a flight demonstration. The in-person pitch will be conducted concurrently with the flight demonstration and will be executed in Boston, Ma., from Jan. 7-18.

The Unmanned Aircraft (UA) flight characteristics desired:
  • 30 minute flight endurance.
  • 3 kilometer operational range.
  • 8,000 feet service ceiling.
  • Operate in 15 knot winds or greater.
  • UA assembly and disassembly should take two minutes or less by a single person.
  • The UA should have the capability to enable detection of people and vehicles at standoff ranges of 300 and 200 meters.
The Army will accept responses to the Special Notice until Nov. 18.

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