Friday, October 13, 2017

FAA sets requirement for quieter aircraft

Beginning Jan. 1, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will require newly designed aircraft to be quieter which will help toward lowering noise around airports and surrounding communities. Called “Stage 5 Airplane Noise Standards,” this FAA rule ensures that the latest available noise reduction technology is incorporated into new aircraft designs. As a result, new airplane type designs in the subsonic jet airplanes and subsonic transport category large airplanes will operate at least seven decibels quieter than airplanes in the current fleet.

In 1975, there were about 200 million people flying in the United States, with about seven million people exposed to what is considered significant aircraft noise. Since then, an FAA study conducted in 2015 showed that the number of people flying in the United States had almost quadrupled yet the number of people exposed to aircraft noise had dropped to around 340,000, or a 94 percent reduction in aircraft noise exposure.

The FAA continues to meet its reduction in aircraft noise and other environmental aviation goals through the Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise (CLEEN) program.  CLEEN is the FAA’s principal Next Generation environmental effort to accelerate the development of new aircraft, engine technologies, and advance sustainable alternative jet fuels.


Dorothy Wentworth said...

Living in a community in the path of air traffic from Newark, Philadelphia, Ft. Dix, Lakehurst Naval Air and McGuire AFB - this is very good news. Sometimes the noise is so loud I feel like I should duck and take cover.

Anonymous said...

So you were there after the AC were move if it bothers you. People who move into an area that they know has AC noise and expect it to go away they need to do it.

Nancy... said...

I agree with less noise wherever possible. Good luck lowering the noise abatement in all areas possible.