Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SkyRanger drone supports disaster response efforts in Oklahoma

A team from Textron Systems Unmanned Systems provided its personnel and operations in support of disaster response efforts for the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management last week. Textron's Civil & Commercial team provided full-motion video in real-time to the Emergency Operations Center in Oklahoma City and the National Weather Service in Norman, Okla. The video was used to rapidly and safely assess the tornado damage from an EF-2 tornado that took place in Elk City on May 16.

Textron Systems' operators, as well as representatives from Aeryon Labs, traveled 120 miles to the impact site and began operations within 20 minutes after the tornado's impact. Once on-site, the team operated an Aeryon SkyRanger small unmanned aerial system to collect more than one hour of high-definition video and georeferenced still imagery over the tornado damage.

With more than one million flight hours of unmanned systems experience, the Textron Systems Civil & Commercial team consists of highly experienced professionals who are armed with some of the most capable platforms in the world. In addition to this recent operation in support of the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, Textron's team also provides aerial solutions in oil and gas pipeline inspection and security, precision agriculture, as well as other natural disaster efforts.

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