Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Phone app lets users play matchmaker and earn money

Spritzr, the popular app that lets users play matchmaker, now lets users earn money by making successful matches. With some inspiration and Cupid-like skills, users can earn up to $250 each month, the company said in a press release Tuesday.

Spritzr has an intuitive interface where users simply drag and drop photos of singles they think are suited. If the individuals like each other, a successful match is made earning the matchmaker $10 Cupid Cash. This can be cashed out into real dollars when the user hits $100. Matches can be made for friends or complete strangers alike, with a limit of 10 couples matched per day. Matchmakers can tap on someone’s photo to reveal a profile including several other pictures, basic personal information (height, age, kids, work, education, etc), and a series of “tags” or labels that identify interests and personality traits (yogi, world traveler, adrenaline junkie).

Singles seeking love trade in $10 Cupid Cash for each successful match they receive. They replenish Cupid Cash by playing matchmaker for other singles or by purchasing it outright. Typically, online daters pay a monthly subscription or purchase credits for additional ‘likes’, with no guarantee they’ll make a match. On Spritzr, singles will only pay for successful matches. Furthermore, by playing matchmaker for others, singles could end up with more money than they started with.

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