Saturday, October 4, 2014

New aircraft maintenance service at Leesburg Executive Airport

Beginning Monday, Leesburg Executive Airport in Virginia will have a new aircraft maintenance and avionics support service under the name Skyline Aviation Service Center (SASC).

ProJet Aviation announced in August they were discontinuing commercial maintenance and repair operations at Leesburg Airport in order to focus on managed aircraft clients. ProJet acquired aircraft maintenance services at the airport in June 2012 after purchasing all of Landmark Aviation's assets.

Founded by Mark Granger, the previous customer project manager for ProJet, SASC aims to provide the aircraft owner with the utmost in maintenance and support. Through integrity, personal relationships and cost effective solutions, SASC will long be at the forefront of customer service for the region.

SASC will be operating in the main ProJet hangar just down the ramp from the Leesburg Airport Terminal. Capabilities range from single/twin piston aircraft, turboprop, turbine jet aircraft and helicopters. Through a unique blend of aviation talents; services will include airframe, engine and avionics maintenance, repair, inspection, modification and upgrades.

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Unknown said...

Whenever I got to fly any where I always look at the aircraft maintenance and repair crew in aw. Having to be responsible for the overall function of the airplane is a very big and important job. Nothing but respect for them and the large job they are in charge of doing.