Tuesday, December 24, 2013

UAV chase plane services needed at Southern California Logistics Airport

The Air National Guard (ANG) is seeking a contractor capable of providing chase plane services in support of unmanned aerial vehicle flight operation at the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville. The chase plane will help ensure the safety of non-participating manned aircraft flying in the operations area. “Frequency of requirement is five days per week plus one weekend per month,” the ANG said in contract documents released Tuesday through the Federal Business Opportunities website.

Aircraft requirements:
  1. Ability to cruise up to 150 knots and fly as high as 13,000 feet.
  2. Endurance capability of up to five hours hours.
  3. Supplied aircraft quantity must be sufficient to provide up to one chase plane for up to five hours per day. In addition, the contractor must be able to provide night chase support.
  4. Supplied aircraft must be capable of landing on paved runways at least 3000 ft long.
The contract is for one year with the possibility of additional option years.

The full solicitation for this requirement is expected to be posted Jan. 8,” the ANG said.

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