Sunday, September 29, 2013

Air Force delays Launch Services Mission Assurance contract award

Due to unforeseen issues and federal sequestration implications, the Air Force announced Friday they are delaying the award of a Launch Services Mission Assurance (LSMA) follow-on contract. Air Force Space Command announced the delay in a notice published on the Federal Business Opportunities website.

The Air Force released the final Request For Proposal for the LSMA follow-on contract on Sept. 10 with proposals due Oct. 25.

“Due to unforeseen issues and federal sequestration implications, the LSMA follow-on award is delayed,” the Air Force said in the notice released Friday. As a result of the delay, the Excess Ballistic Missile (XBM) Sustainment contract incumbent, TASC, Inc., will continue engineering support until the follow-on LSMA contract is awarded in April.

TASC, Inc. helped ensure the success of the inaugural mission of the Air Force's Minotaur V rocket from NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Sept. 6 by providing independent mission assurance, launch site support and engineering analysis.

“It is critical for XBM Sustainment Engineering Support to be continued,” the Air Force said.

The extension of the XBM contract with TASC, Inc. will run for four months, Dec. 14 through April 14; in addition to this extension, the government is considering additional option months to ensure XBM sustainment support is provided until award of the LSMA contract.

“The sole purpose of this contract modification is to ensure the critical XBM Sustainment Engineering services continue until award of the competitive solicitation is awarded,” the Air Force said. “This acquisition action does not assume that the incumbent is the only contractor who can provide this support. This action only assumes that there are no other contractors at this time who are capable of providing these services without an unacceptable delay. As stated previously, full and open competition is expected for the follow-on effort.”

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